Written on a Blank Leaf of Anson's Voyages, by a Lady, a Relation of the Author of this Volume of Poems

SEE , noble A NSON ! see thy fame compleat;
As great thy virtue, thy reward is great:
Titles and wealth forsake us in the grave,
Immortal honour only pays the brave.
The compass'd Globe, thy wond'rous skill here shewn,
The various deaths escap'd on seas unknown,
Each act humane, each brave heroic deed,
Our sons to late posterity shall read,
Preserv'd by W ALTER in these faithful lines,
Where B RITAIN'S glory mix'd with A NSON'S shines.
Oh! well-told tale, oh! sweetly-pleasing style,
The theme, the work, an honour to our isle.
Thus Rome's great Father in his Virgil lives,
Thus Virgil's majesty ├ćneas gives.
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