By Yon Burnside

We'll meet by the glen side we'll meet by the burn
Where grows the rath primrose & bunches of fern
Where the brook is so bright
In its wrinkles of light
Where we staid all night to hear the whimples of the burn

By yon burnside by yon burnside
My mary you're a blooming bride
Her face is so sweet
Her gown is so neat
Oh I dearly love the maid down by yon burn side

By yon burnside there's blossom for the bee
There is a place for the shepherd neath the tree
And a cozie place of rest
For the lassie I love best
By the white spreading thorn & grassy clover lea

By yon burnside the sand shines in the sun
By yon burnside like pearls the waters run
Its aye so sweet and clear
And it rins a' the year
The whimpling brook is laughing by yon burnside

The blackbird he is singing night & morn
By his nest near yon odd bush by the corn
Near the little flowing brook
Come lassy gang and look
For I love natures music sin the day that I was born

By yon burnside there's many little things
Insects in the grass and gravel o' the springs
That the eye loves to see
So Mary gang with me
And we'll sit beneath the oak where the little burnie springs
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