A Young Man's Exhortation

Call off your eyes from care

By some determined deftness; put forth joys

Dear as excess without the core that cloys,

And charm Life's lourings fair.

Exalt and crown the hour

That girdles us, and fill it full with glee,

Blind glee, excelling aught could ever be

Were heedfulness in power.

Send up such touching strains

That limitless recruits from Fancy's pack

Shall rush upon your tongue, and tender back

All that your soul contains.

For what do we know best?

That a fresh love-leaf crumpled soon will dry,

And that men moment after moment die,

Of all scope dispossest.

If I have seen one thing

It is the passing preciousness of dreams;

That aspects are within us; and who seems

Most kingly is the King.

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