An Elegy on the Glory of Her Sex, Mrs. Mary Blaize

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An ELEGY on the GLORY of her SEX


R. Caldecott's PICTURE Books

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An Elegy

on the Glory of Her Sex



Dr. Oliver Goldsmith

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[Illustration (drawing, pic04trans.gif)]

Good people all,
with one accord, Lament for
Madam Blaize, Who never wanted
a good word--

[Illustration (drawing, pic05trans.gif)]

_From those_

[Illustration (drawing, pic06trans.gif)]

_who spoke her praise._

[Illustration (painting, pic07.jpg)]

[Illustration (drawing, pic08trans.gif)]

The needy seldom pass'd her door,
And always found her kind; She freely lent to all the poor--

[Illustration (drawing, pic09trans.gif)]

_Who left_

[Illustration (drawing, pic10trans.gif)]

_a pledge behind._

[Illustration (painting, pic11.jpg)]

[Illustration (drawing, pic12trans.gif)]

She strove the neighbourhood to please
With manners wondrous winning;

[Illustration (drawing, pic13trans.gif)]

And never follow'd wicked ways--

[Illustration (drawing, pic14trans.gif)]

_Unless when she was sinning._

[Illustration (drawing, pic15trans.gif)]

At church, in silks and satins new,
With hoop of monstrous size, She never slumber'd in her pew--

[Illustration (painting, pic16.jpg)]

[Illustration (drawing, pic17trans.gif)]

_But when she shut her eyes._

[Illustration (drawing, pic18trans.gif)]

[Illustration (drawing, pic19trans.gif)]

Her love was sought, I do aver,
By twenty beaux and more; The King himself has follow'd her--

[Illustration (painting, pic20.jpg)]

[Illustration (drawing, pic21trans.gif)]

_When she has walk'd before._

[Illustration (drawing, pic22trans.gif)]

But now, her wealth and finery fled,
Her hangers-on cut short-all: The Doctors found, when she was dead
_Her last disorder mortal._

[Illustration (drawing, pic23trans.gif)]

Let us lament, in sorrow sore,
For Kent Street well may say, That had she lived a twelvemonth more,--
_She had not died to-day._

[Illustration (painting, pic24.jpg)]

[Illustration (drawing, pic25trans.gif)]

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