Twilight of the Soul

In the twilight of

​the soul

​The old man takes

​his last breath

​His eyes fill with tears
​As he faces his regrets
​He pulls out his tubes
​As darkness fills the room
​He cannot feel the
​needle pricks
​The doctor calls out the time
​As he sails through the
River Styx

Snow Woman

Upon the hills
The air was dry
And dead trees hung
Beneath the sky
As cold wind blew
The snowflakes fell—
A frozen kiss
From icy hell
The boy was young
Of thirteen years
His father weak
And full of fears
The trail grew bleak,
They couldn’t see
And as it snowed
The boy did plea
“My father, now
The path is nigh
Without some warmth
We’re soon to die”
“My son, Noël,
Let’s shelter take
Within that shed
By Frozen Lake”

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