Purgatory on Earth

Have you ever been to the blue tattooed bar?
Not too far from broken hearted boulevard?
You're welcome to come
But unwelcome to leave.
The bartender can lure you to concede.

Some truly think it's heaven.
And others think it to be hell.
You have a choice of accolades.
Either let the past rest
Or have the demons dwell.

With Such Alacrity


With such alacrity
Eager to get the job done
Willing and able to learn
Always on the run
Forging ahead in the distance
Taking things one day at a time
Managing the time wisely
In order to keep things in line

The Lamb Calls

by Regina

His beauty of mercy,
Seven eyes, seven horns,
The Lamb calls
The slaughtered Lamb with no blemish.

The Lamb who bled from His soul,
Who gave salvation through
His Life's blood,
The Lamb calls.

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