Adele -

A DELE is gayly anecdotal of

The whims and eccentricities of friends.

" Don't think from what I've said, " her story ends.

" That Sue's not sweet! She is! A perfect love! "

Making a dove of Sue, she soils the dove,

Assumes attack and speciously defends,

Plants little lisping doubts and still pretends

She loves that girl all lovely girls above.

Beauty - Part 2

Beauty, Love's Friend, who help'st him to a Throne,

By Wisdom Deify'd, to whom alone

Thy Excellence is known,

And ne're neglected but by those have none;

Thou noble Coyn, by no false sleight allay'd,

By whom we Lovers Militant are paid,

True to the Touch, and ever best

When thou art brought unto the Test,

And who do'st still of higher value prove.

As deeper thou art search'd by Love.

He who allows thee only in the Light

Is there mistaken quite,

27. To Flaccus -

A MAN of adamant you surely are

To love a dame who loves stale vinegar,

A dame whose palate whelks and tripe enchant,

Who thinks bananas too extravagant,

Whose maid brings in (rare trove!) a common pot

Of spoiled sardines to eat before they rot;

Grown lowish now and not afraid to shock

She begs for flannelette to make a frock;

My dame will ask for attar, precious stuff,

" Worth " for her frocks is hardly good enough:

Fine graded pearls and emeralds I must find.

56. The Voyage -

S PENDOPHORUS must on his lord attend

And soon to Libya his way will wend.

Give him, dear Love, a wand and those soft darts

Wherewith thou woundest eager lovers' hearts.

Cuirass and shield and helm I leave to thee,

He will be safe if naked he shall be,

E'en as Parthenopaeus felt no blow

From foemen's dart while they could see his brow.

But whomsoe'er he pierces straight will die

Of love — how happy in death's agony!

O beauty bright, from Africa come home

30. On the Death of Rusticus -

Foul Asian coast, his life hast thou betrayed,

On thee by guilty waves his corpse was tossed.

Close in her breast his loving spouse conveyed

The sacred urn, too soon the seas were crossed,

Too soon those ashes in the earth she laid,

And seemed twice widowed of a love twice lost.

14. On a Parasite -

Do you think that this man, whom your generous board

Has got you for friend, can true friendship afford?

It's your oysters and mullet he loves, sir, not you:

If my dinners were good, he would be my friend too.


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