Another Day

far at sea
in the violent turn
of the waves and silence—
and out there somewhere
the shores of home
built in mist—
on the journey home
and roots torn up—
covered in the dress
of a fallen queen
one blow
and then I’m down—
fallen to
the lightless depths
between the now
of life and eternity
one and then
the other—
sinking like Cleopatra
in the endless sea


along the harbor
where green sea goes gray
on an autumn day
as it’s turned half winter
now in the sun
and the pairs form
of cold light and mannequins
that mouth out with their frozen lips
of something yet to come


found along an ancient map
where we sailed in an old, wooden boat

bobbing among the ways
brushing against imagined sea monsters
where they roared
and children stared

into the black expanse
guided by the Northern Lights

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