Carry Me Home

rays melt
into the blue light
of another heaven
wind washed
water melts anew
on the blue horizon
of another day
have joined
for morning prayers
looking east
the pages turn
to the wind
where all the blind
begin to see
jigsaw night
among the red and blue—
once more I'm
back together again
sometimes dead as sin—
reborn for another day

Red Dust

This cauldron carries the mist
Of a hundred singing spirits
Who wrap around
Entwined in a halo
The heavens and the earth
The sun and the moon
As we breathe the dust
To inhabit a world
Of darkness and light
Clinging on
For ten thousand years
Dissolved in a drop
And an ocean that never ends
Frank Watson

Seeking Chang, the Daoist Priest

The entire journey was on foot to this place,
Of moss, more moss, and my footstep’s trace.
White clouds about the banks in a quiet state,
The growing grass has covered the fence’s gate.
Passing rain, the pine’s green color in course,
I follow the mountain, to the water’s source.
These river flowers, in a moment’s sensation,
Have brought us to meet in silent meditation.
Original Chinese Poem

Western Sky

In the desert she rides across the sun-burnt sands
Astride without a saddle, toward the western sky,
To follow the sun in its path to foreign lands
Where blue birds sing a song that will never die.
Mixing the melodies to mask the echoed moans
Of shadow souls that struggle up from below
To thrash about the earth like castaway stones
In a twilight sleep, a dream wherever she goes.
And as the sun arises from its den abroad
To gather the pages left
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