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Songs of Eretz Poetry Review Annual Contest
The annual Songs of Erertz Poetry Award Contest runs from September 1 to October 15 this year.  You may enter early, but will not receive a response until after September 1.
THE WINNER WILL BE AWARDED A ONE THOUSAND DOLLAR CASH PRIZE and publication in Songs of Eretz Poetry Review.
Unpublished work as well as previously published work (reprints) will be accepted.
Every poem will receive a personal response from the Editor of Songs of Eretz--from a few kind words to a mini-critique.
The Guest Contest Judge will be Former Kansas Poet Laureate Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg http://eretzsongs.blogspot.com/p/about-our-editor-frequent-contributors.html.
FOLLOW THIS LINK TO ENTER:  http://eretzsongs.blogspot.com/p/songs-of-eretz.html


A "submission" is a batch of up to five poems submitted during the same hour.  BOTH UNPUBLISHED WORK AND REPRINTS ARE WELCOME (except for work previously published in a Songs of Eretz venue).  Poetry of any genre and length will be considered.

"Early Submissions"--defined as submissions received before September 1--WILL be honored, but will not receive a response prior to September 1.

Past or present Songs of Eretz Frequent Contributors are NOT eligible to participate.  Frequent Contributors are up-and-coming poets hand-picked by the editor--their names appear (or once appeared) on our masthead.  Other poets who frequently contribute are NOT Frequent Contributors and ARE welcome to participate. 

To submit, first go to PayPal.com to pay your twenty dollar entry fee for each batch of up to five poems.  Use [email protected] for the recipient's address.  
IMPORTANT:  Include your name and the title(s) of your poem(s) in the comment section.
Next, email up to FIVE poems, each poem IN A SEPARATE EMAIL (one poem per email), to:  [email protected].  

MOST IMPORTANT:  Each Subject Line should read:  "Contest Submission [Title of Poem]".  

Your poem should appear in the body of your email--DO NOT SEND ATTACHMENTS.  If for reason of special formatting you feel an attachment is necessary in order to present your poem properly, query first.  
Cover Letter:  Include a cover letter IN THE BODY OF EACH EMAIL with following information:
- The poem's publication history (unpublished or prior publication history)
- If yours is a simultaneous submission or not (simultaneous submissions ARE accepted).
- How you discovered the contest
- Your contact information:  PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR CITY & STATE (& country if you reside outside the USA).

Please do not include anything else (such as your bio or credits)

Poems that make the finals and have not been previously published will be considered for publication in Songs of Eretz Poetry Review.  The winning entry will be published (or reprinted) in the Review as a special feature.
One of your poems may win, or more than one of your poems may be declared a winning "set."  If one (or more than one) of your poems makes the finals or is offered a spot in the Review, you will be asked for (and expected to provide) your bio, publication credits, and a "poet's notes" statement--but PLEASE wait to be asked for these items.  The wording of your bio and notes may be subject to gentle editing, but there is no limit as to length.
Enter early and enter often!  Unlike most contests, entries will be read and responded to on a rolling basis during the contest period, usually within a few days of submission--we do NOT wait until the contest is closed before responding.  Every poem will receive personal feedback from the editor &/or the judge--from a few kind words to a mini-critique.

The purpose of the contest is to recognize the work of an outstanding poet, but it is also the major fund raiser for Songs of Eretz.  Our goal is to raise enough funds to exceed covering the operating expenses of holding the contest and publishing the Review, so that contributors to the Review may receive honoraria for their submissions in the future.  In the most unlikely event that the contest does not take in enough funds to cover the entire $1,000 prize (this has never happened), a reduced prize will be awarded, or the contest may be cancelled and all entry fees refunded at the discretion of the editor.  The contest readers, editor, and judge have agreed to be paid last and only if funds are available.

This contest is about to close - Enter ... NOW! and enter often ;-)