by Lucia

Great breakers crash o're ancient rocks
that quells the bangs of echoed knocks
heard nightly on the castle door
re-echoing o're distant moor.
On moonlit nights, yes one can see
his sword and armor gleamingly
that floats with faceless shadows spent
in lambent mist if heather scent.
The waves rise up- he stands again-
a testament to medieval men
of knights protecting kingdom's keep
that now is gone but ne're will sleep.
Forever bound to serve his king,
of life and death, the sea does sing
in briny mist that looms like tears
where knight and castle disappears...



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Dear Poeter, Raindrops do not fall on the earth when man thinks; As it is, every human being realizes the nature of realities past the ages. You can also grow flowers in a forest called Mind; Thoughts are like growing thorns, from the beginning to the visible colors of life is just realizing a lesson in something. Write More Congratulations

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