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158th Weekly Poetry Contest winner: What’s for Dinner?

by Miles T. Ranter

My parents entertain a klatch for dinner.
Ma makes everything from scratch for dinner.

She bakes potato kugel, simmers goulash,
and pan-fries blintzes (a large batch) for dinner.

A mallard leaves her eggs for just a moment.
Gulls snatch a few before they hatch (for dinner).

They’re generous as all get-out, my parents,
inviting even big Sasquatch for dinner.

While love bug larvae nibble thatch for dinner,
wolves spot a moose they’ll try to catch for dinner.

As Rover cleans up fallen bits of strudel,
my parents stage a shouting match for dinner.

A praying mantis gnaws her lover’s noggin
somewhere in a cabbage patch for dinner.

As ma and pa begin to eat each other,
I slip out of what they unlatch for dinner.

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