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161st Weekly Poetry Contest winner: The fox’s monologue

by Lee Nash

If you walk through the Princess’s royal grounds,
you’re likely to hear a raven croak
or pick out a fish in the silent lake,
but you won’t see me as I make my rounds,
slinking my way past the castle’s bounds,
for a shapeshifter has a useful cloak
and I may be a shell or an ancient oak –
well, how should I hide from the horse and hounds?

Walk on and you’ll see the ninety-nine posts,
the heads of the Princess’s suitors impaled;
they failed to hide from her beady eye
and now the hallways are full of their ghosts.
You’ll see that brother, keen, unveiled,
and the tower’s twelve windows that mirror the sky.

(Reference: This poem was inspired by a German fairy tale called "The Sea Hare.")

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