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172nd Weekly Poetry Contest winner: MOON FLU

by Che Sara Sara

Fear first. Fear sharpens the startle
of latches and footsteps behind you.

Hallucinations next. Eyes shut,
neon patterns swirl into maps that confuse

and attack you. Faint robot motors scream.
Spider webs begin to breathe.

Panic follows as your brain cells
warp and swell. You’ll sweat and shiver

for hours that you’ll sense as days.
You may bleed through your ears.

You’ll want to rip out your life support.
Fight! Fight for each swallow of water.

Fight to stay in bed despite your impulse
to run. There is nowhere to go but Death.

And here on Mars, as Phobos and Deimos
circle round and round, you must muster

the will to deny all you feel, and trust
what we know: that this virus shall pass

and your brain will heal--but only if you
do nothing but breathe and sip and wait.

published in Abyss & Apex

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