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206th Weekly Poetry Contest winner: The Tomb

by Fabiyas M V

Though building his own tomb,
he’s not insane.

His violinist friend’s body lies
within a glass box.
Violin tunes drizzle
over memory.
This musical funeral,
he finds charming.

A corpse and a carcass are alike
in the sand.
He wonders
how long the world has to wait
before a soul emerges
out of mystery.
Life is like a light
spreading between the two misty ends.

A lion-tailed macaque,
a Malabar pit viper,
a Carpenter ant,
a golden rain tree…
all die serenely.
But blood and brain turn
a man’s death
doleful and dreadful.

Today he renovates his tomb
that stands as the sole certainty
among several uncertainties.

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