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210th Weekly Poetry Contest winner: No Whiners

by Miles T. Ranter

Gratitude is a leaf that laughs
   and falls up toward the sun
and glides and soars like a red-tailed hawk
   whose heart won’t be undone

by clouds as inky as the jaws
   of a giant carnivore.
It never wants to land on earth,
   in oak or sycamore,

but keeps ascending, drifting, wheeling
   over the hills and fields
and thinks a cyclone sounds as fine
   as a thousand glockenspiels.

It laughs with the glee of a major key,
   though the world’s so full of minor,
and goes on hovering and gliding
   beyond the last airliner.

Gratitude is not a whiner.
   Gratitude will not moan.
While awestruck by the universe,
   how can it feel alone?

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