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251st Weekly Poetry Contest winner: Earth For Sale

by Miles T. Ranter

We’ve just received our largest shipment ever of blue skies.
   Come check them out before you leave the system!
But if, instead of atmosphere, you crave a nice sunrise,
   we’ve got so many styles. In fact, I'll list ’em:

The types from airborne particles or molecules of air,
   volcanic ash trapped in the troposphere
and cloud and Rayleigh scattering. We guarantee you’ll stare.
   That isn’t what you want? Then do not fear.

This planet sports so many things of interest and worth:
   countless kinds of animals and plants
and rocks containing jewels. You never know what you’ll unearth.
   You’ll long to live here after just one glance.

Too many folks, you say? You think this planet isn’t well?
   Just look around. Behold the majesty.
From Everest to Death Valley, this world has no parallel.
   Oh, please don’t go! We’ll give it to you free!

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