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43rd Weekly Poetry Contest winner: Cold Blooded

by Poetic Diamonds

Rapid breathing matching my heart rate.
Rubbing my eyes, over and over again,
Nothing in my view changes.
Everything is slowed as if in the freezing process.
I search around for some sort of clue of a dream.
Pixelation, a focus point of an escape route, anything.


Despite the deceleration of my surroundings,
The world spins faster as time soars.
The things I once loved, ceased to exist.
It was stopped and dropped.
Forgotten about just like that.
I lose it.

I’ve lost it all.

The sun turned into the moon in more than one way.
The warmth was replaced by a cold hand.
Shivering to understand whilst questioning, yet,
No answer. No solution nor probable cause.
Hunger within had to react and hunt.
Vampire it was, it smelled blood.

Teeth stained with the crimson sin.

The sound had deafen my inner thoughts
But heighten my outer relative fear.
I could no longer live a fantasy or lie.
Lie for a greater good about a heart that stopped beating,
A long time ago.
My only option to regain partial fantasy
Was the very thing that ended it.

No weapon formed against me shall…

What if it wasn’t I it was formed against?
Now I’m standing in the middle of what was my life.
My life inside of another life.
As the loved I needed creates rivers beneath me.
Unlike my Creator, I sunk below, drowning in despair.

Give me the ability to accept change.

That appears to be out of my hands entirely.

That meant I’d have to live with memories and not touches.

Give me the ability to live. As my life source has returned home.

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