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51st Weekly Poetry Contest winner: Cyberstalking

by Rie Sheridan Rose

In cyberspace no one can hear
you scream...
as you show your plastic
mask to the online world.
"SlicOperatur" your moniker,
cruising for a rush.
Razor wit slicing nubile mindsets
on middle-aged thrill seekers.
It's all mind games...
all good fun till someone
puts an email out.
You congregate in chat rooms
afraid to face real bodies
when there are avatars
to be manipulated.
Stalking less personal
but packing no less punch.
Poison pens translated
to pecked out pixels,
but biting as hard.
Striking in the heart of
the internet...
big game hunters separating
mice and men. 

(Previously published in the chapbook By Candlelight.)

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