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59th Weekly Poetry Contest winner: Daddy's Girl

by Jamey Bibbee

If I could see you again …

Could I walk in and kiss you with no words

No questions asked - no lies told

Could we just love each other …

In my arms - could it be you that I hold

I love you after all the tears and the pain

True love never dies - Forever it will remain


Do you ache for me the way I do for you

This happened for a reason - I know that much is true

But why did it have to separate me - from you


I’ll never understand why all the hurt came that year

I’ll be missing someone forever that much seems clear

First I was without him and now I am without you

I love you both - Couldn’t you love him too


I always enjoyed being your little girl

Will I ever see you again in this world


You had a birthday this last month.  I hope you are doing well

We are all doing fine - except for what happened - that’s hell

I guess I’d just like my cake and eat it too

That is to be with him but also to be with you


It’s been 3 years this month since I seen you last

Will it be forever - with you do I only have the past


I pray that you will accept and serve the Lord Jesus Christ

For all our sins and  hurts He has already paid the price

I pray too that I receive His healing from this awful grief

He took that to the cross as well - just for me to have relief


I’m happy most days - God is really good

Today though I miss you -

Just the way  “Daddy’s Girl” would



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