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72nd Weekly Poetry Contest winner: Stasis Dreaming

by Terrie Leigh Relf

Stasis Dreaming


At first, it is dark in the stasis chamber. So dark that you wander through memories like black-and-white photos, but only the black appears, negative, but no positive space. 


    ganglia reach out

    their tendrilled arms



After a few hours, or perhaps it is only moments, as time moves differently in stasis, the brain and mind adjust. Vivid colors begin to seep within your dreams.



    turquoise moons

    the way starlight

    turns our flesh golden


Then, sound. . .The murmur of voices guiding you toward a doorway. Just a few more steps. . .a few more steps. . .


    neural symphony

    how the cadenza

    goes on and on

(Author's Note: This haibun appeared in an issue of scifaikuest)

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