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77th Weekly Poetry Contest winner: Against the Dark

by Ron Sparks

               in the center
               of my garden of thought
               is an
                    inky black pool
               an obsidian mirror that ripples
                    and grows
               with each 
                         and every
               hurt, pain, and torment I endure
               circling the pool
                    my verdant hopes
                    my violaceous loves
                    my carmine furies -
               their blooms crawl, intertwine, creep
                 in a mass of emotion and impulse
                     pushing ever against the center
               where my garden meets that 
                    ebony pond;
               a barren desolate blight 
                 of decay and hopelessness
               the vivid chromaticity of my
               in perpetual campaign against
                         the void
                       that forever
                   threatens to 

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