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90th Weekly Poetry Contest winner: joan of arc

by SquidWaffle

joan of arc
I found God in the backseat of a Nissan Sentra
her braids touched the small of her back,
and she grinned, just the way you’d expect God to grin,
            she knows how the world ends, after all, and won’t let you forget it

I’d learned to pray years before, but never quite like this
            fervent, trusting, needy
she laughed from the passenger seat, shaking her head at me,
then tucked her finger into my belt
            well, scarf, really, more than belt
            you have to be precise with your words, around God
and told me to keep driving,
that I’d never learn stick if I kept getting
stuck on her
            (eyes on the road, girl)
                        and when God commands, you obey

there were other commands, too
some you’d expect
            (love me above all others)
                        (worship me)
and some that made me weak
            as she grabbed my throat, bit my lip
                        and I tried to kiss her back, grab her ass, but was slapped away
                                    (thou shalt not covet)
                                                (…good girl.)

you’ve never worshipped as I have
            how could you possibly understand
you’ve never listened to the voice of God in the backseat of your car
            never shuddered, whimpered, screamed for her

so burn me at your stake
taunt all you like
I will laugh as the flames crackle around me
she is my savior
and I

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