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Whose Behind the Likes??

I would like to know how we find out who is liking our stuff. Can't seem to find out as clicking on the poem doesn't reveal this information. I am speaking of the weekly contest. I get likes, but can't see who is doing the actual liking. Is there a reason for this? Would really like to know the answer.

I am writer but I don't have much think to submit.

I'm guessing it's to keep things anonymous. I find myself 'liking' lots of things, but, I wouldn't want others to know what I 'liked'...I kinda LIKE it that way! ha ha XD

Morgan La Mer

Haha, i like your sense of humor morgan la mer

I'm supportive of other poets and their writing talent. I do click on , "like" a lot


It's to encourage a more honest "like" count. Some people prefer to remain anonymous and no one should feel pressure to "like" a poem unless they actually like it.  That said, I can understand why someone would want to see who their fans are. Not sure how to balance the two.