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109th Weekly Poetry Contest honorable mention: Mini Dubai


My town nicknamed, ‘Mini Dubai’, burgeoned and branched
on the bank of Kanoli canal like a tamarind seed.

Now the silvered canal sprawls on its death bed.

Busy pedestrians walk down
an ancient bridge built by the British.
As the traffic light has lost its eye balls,
a potbellied policeman dances and controls.
Jalopies groan, and modern cars whiz.
A long whistle: an ambulance with the wounded
and a van with the wedding party halt side by side
as the southern and northern hemispheres
of emotions meet at a single point.

Nostalgic smell of the canal sops in the sizzling tang from a cafeteria.

The splurging women whirl in the hurry wind among the concrete
buildings seething under the tanning rays. The stink of sweat and
the aroma of the Arabian perfumes choke the air in shops, where,
sometimes, the chicanery peeks through the glassed. The
applications drafted in blood and salt scurry to the offices nearby –
only to get the obsequies in the waste baskets. The sots creep like
snakes in the yard of Snadra Bar.

A crow sits on an electric post and watches all beneath
with a smile of wisdom

First printed in The Literary Hatchet by Pear Tree Press, US.

109th Weekly Poetry Contest