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172nd Weekly Poetry Contest honorable mention: Connecticut

by Miles T. Ranter

We folks in Connecticut adhere to good etiquette,
   never covet, philander, or kill.
No one ever comes late to their job in this state
   and we never miss work ’cause we’re ill.

Our vista’s are stunning, and no one’s seen running
   from robber or rapist or bum.
Everyone smiles. None lack domiciles.
   You won’t see a soul looking glum.

Neither slum nor a mansion nor urban expansion
   you’ll find in this fabulous region.
No one’s ever pugnacious; instead, we’re all gracious,
   with affordable health food stores legion.

Our cars don’t pollute, all the women are cute,
   and the men are all free of addiction.
All our children are smart as Curie or Descartes,
   and I am the King of Pure Fiction.

(Appeared in Light)

172nd Weekly Poetry Contest