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265th Weekly Poetry Contest honorable mention: A Note on the Type

by Lara Dolphin

Analysis of type A, typecasting, stereotypes or type 1 diabetes
might yield more fruitful discussion.
Nonetheless, we are happy to oblige your curiosity
regarding the cut of the print.
No longer content to have woodland elves
toil mindlessly as our minimum wage scribes
and being generally dissatisfied with the legibility of their work,
we set the text of this poem
in a variation of the glyphic standard
concocted in part at Uncle Richard’s parole party
for the purpose of drawing up a treatise
as to the percentage of butterfat
and amount of overrun
in the perfect scoop of rum raisin ice cream.
Though some have called the design emasculating,
we prefer to think of the style as classic, well-mannered and easy-to-read.
This type, which to date remains nameless,
has a wide range of applications
including but not limited to:
astrology, map making, mad libs and Chinese takeout menus.

--published by Unrorean

265th Weekly Poetry Contest