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266th Weekly Poetry Contest honorable mention: Sensational Struggle

by Joe Vendetta

Say, what a lustrous creation,
Her voice alone an incantation.
Wrap the words around my wrists and drag me right into the lake.
She alone thinks it's all fake,
But I assure her, it's what she's made.
Now the air that leaves my lungs, I leave for her alone to take.
A longing stare at floating flaxen,
Jaws are clenched and teeth have gnashed and
Warning signs are plastered plenty in every mile of my wake.
But ignore is what I did,
For that song that draws me in,
Impulse-soaked desire found and buried within my skin.
And all I want to do is touch,
The thought alone is not enough.
My once functioning sense is breaking, and my will is running thin.
We rendezvous amongst her crypt,
I trace the lines in every slit.
God only knows and I don't care about the places that she's been.
I tear her hair and bite her hip,
My neck is bruised, my cheekbone split.
She fills my head with sounds that shred just like a weapon digging in.
Once deadly silence soaks our depths,
I choke on what would be my final breath,
She shuts my eyelids and brings me violets, and leaves me to lie where water meets sand.
Sirens sing back up on land.

266th Weekly Poetry Contest

Thank you so much!