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A Tragic Pilgrimage

The pilgrims wash
their inner stains out
with the wet words
in Uttarakhand, the
land of gods.

The unexpected flood
rises above all her
expected blessings.
Her father floats away
like an empty bottle.
Gushing water gulps
her mother’s shriek.

She lies being separated
from her sense at the feet
of a concrete statue.
Though an army helicopter
flies low, the binoculars
miss her.

Calamity lets loose the
lawless. Some shapes
smelling arrack pluck
her arms out from the
feet of the statue. Lust
stretches like an elastic.
A breathing corpse

Sona opens her eyes in
a bivouac after a blackout.
But no army can repulse
the infiltrating and
invading thoughts.

Uttarakhand a state in India with many pilgrim places

First printed and published in The Literary Hatchet, issue#12, US.