gonna write! (she blazed!)
he smiled patronizingly
marry me first?
pale hair motioned yes!

no time to write! (she whined!)
too many demands
whoa! he angered
my income funds our status.

gonna write! (she swears!)
the toddler stares blankly,
the six-year-old hisses a fit
soon she says to herself.

wanna write! (she moaned!)
it doesn’t pay he argued
and the kids are both in college
soon he swears with a wink.

where’s mom? (the boys bite!)
she was supposed to pick us up.
Quiet! he cellularly rules
‘probly care taking gram.

gone to write! (guns the note!)
her words trigger him postal.
Bitch! he rages out loud
why didn't she just "say"?



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