by Dalanae

You take a drink to numb the pain, you search slowly, surely fading giving anything to feel the rush in your veins.
You forget your future and for a time you forget your past, whether it's your first or your twenty first you say it's always your last.
Fly through the pipe and sour through your glass. Drowning in misery and self infliction, you are your own decision and chosen conviction. To change your ways seems just another drink away. One more drink turns into just one more day.
The cycle you've created has yet to subside, when is it ever enough, what will it take for you to learn the loss is no longer worth the ride? It begins and ends where you choose to lead, freshen the earth and sow your seed. You may never truly be able to live a life free of the chains that keep you bounded but hold on to me and I will do my best to keep us grounded. Faith in God and his love alone is enough to keep us afloat but he won't do it all it's up to us to sail this boat.
You can do it alone and watch everything around us fall and burn, or you can take my hand and we can both grow and learn.



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