(A Rocky Horror Picture
played July 20, 2012, a mass shooting
occurred inside a Century 16
movie theater in Aurora, Colorado)

Twas dark knight whence came a pawn
the hushed crowded movie house
a phantom of horror sprung out the rookery
that wrought deadly havoc
rent asunder innocent audience members

nnihilate evil
within Manichean eternal duel
extant within imaginary world
of Rotten Gotham
portrayed on silver screen

when out of black curtained theater
tear gas canisters got hurled pell mell
accompanied by fusillade
of heavy machine gun fire
sheering and/or ending many young lives

many in prime ascent,
sans parabola of adulthood
the youngest, a six-year-old girl
transformed into ashen colored corpse,
which death yet revealed to young mother

critically wounded,
and clamoring for said daughter
while teetering on the brink of mortality
oblivious to stricken offspring
while family, friends, relatives

uttered unanimous prayers
viz heartfelt genuine communiqué
from me, a self housed
swiftly styled nonestablishmentarian
gung-ho to invoke mandate
high powered fire-arms

must be much less accessible
i.e. bulletproof laws
need implementation pronto
so inhabitants of United States
do not fear for their lives
nor feel akin to a potential prey

sighted in crosshairs
wantonly gunned from grinning joker
slaking glee from mass killing
to appease unquenchable thirst
avenging psychotic

nemesis gloating to slay
with vengeance and contrived vendetta
promulgating pandemonium
and grisly bloody aftermath
yet despite horrific heinous atrocity

bravery and sacrifice witnessed and extolled
From heroic instinctual motive
to offer themselves as human shield
so that carnage less devastating
than toll on madman’s hit list

now in solitary confinement,
and even if executed
would be small consolation
Pyrrhic victory salve to those
forever deprived of loved ones

burning with eternal sorrow no matter
generosity of cyber sympathizers
across World Wide Web
plus president of these United States
reached out showering kindness
analogous to Borealis raiment.



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