No off ford dodge fiat
decreeing death sentence twill span
the rest o' me life, cuz
incarceration haint part o ma Bells plan
for abetting, hedging, and opining man

voicing objection -
thee trump petting don iz no fan
of mine, who felt unready to kick the can
on account of violating,
what...freedom of speech ban.

Against abominable illegal mandate
with no way to commute
death sentence this late
for simple act voicing opinion against

existence of heavenly gate
nor hellish underworld
despite religious opiate
decreeing penance
as one articulate prelate primate.

Spurious pedagogical poetic secular rant,
ache kin to melting wax growing candle wick
not ravings of half mad lunatic who doth tick
tock carefully plotting recitation that springs quick
from combined teachings of Kant did prick
the mind of this jolly old Saint Nick.

Charges trumped up per average don
purportedly blaspheming
Judeo-Christian paradigm
as an atheist many beliefs
outdated and fore gone

upending blind faith no more
equated with hill of beans
upon dogma sprouted and epitomized
complex edifices erected via grime.

Bloody tears and trifle pay toiling dim
sum for bombastic scion faces like brothers grim
sweat shed by Polish slave labor for him
usurpation of freedom stripped analogous
to Palestine yearning per their Zion

outspoken persons risked life and limb
to invalidate existence of supreme deity
many still accredited
creating life proper and prim
whether for extra credit or perhaps on a whim
Adam rent Eve wrenched
from rib cage without anesthesia.



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