Shana Punim – whose existence begat
by this dada and da mama aye
revel in your bursting at figurative seams
viz maturation, and know by
Chatting over the telephone, your aura, charisma,

and persona finds me blinking back tear ducts
ready to loose water works i.e. cry
how fate gifted this papa, whose existence
would be devoid without you, and
purposefulness undermined if loss

of such a daughter as thee
(one young lady more valuable
than words can spell),
a reason to live would be shipwrecked
with psyche marooned to die

such emotional devastation, could never be quashed
as gums mouthed or uttered fee fie
Foe fum – jack (of Beanstalk storybook fame),
would also lack will to live,
(yes as would the giant), thence

this grunting, groveling, and grieving guy
forced to traverse terrestrial firmament like a zombie – hi
king over vast boulevard of broken dreams, cuz I
(re: this humdrum heir), his soul asylum
inconsolably t'would reign

if irrevocably punctured re:mortally wounded crane
willpower to defeat death,
could not be staved, stanched, nor stopped,
but tis fool hardy (mill Laurel Lei)
to allow, enable, or invite

darksome, irksome,
or unwholesome thoughts aim
whence upon early woe,
this dada brain he doth self blame
rejoicing in your awesome, lithesome dame

and winsome transformation
into a beauty, a non-biased commentary
I cannot resist to exclaim
an angelic, beloved and charming progeny

endearingly frolicking thru
meandering time stream, perhaps...
stopping at Donny brooks edge
where iconic, edenic, bucolic flora
and fauna doth frame,

(maybe such infinitesimal instant
per one direction hull story of your life
via doth camera cap cha) if game
to pose as a gamine hipster inspiring
jazzy kindling mosaic – type meme
before resuming skinny dipping back

into waters of life, whereby experiential arcade
beheld like a courtly table
adorned many fancyfeast to BuzzFeed,
the sights and smells before yar senses
might appear as a charade

boot upon scrutiny, ye exhibit hesitancy
to inch closer comfort food
MSG, gluten free and NON GMO
beckons so ye haint a frayed
to take measured steps further

into verdant ever glade
puzzled at cornucopia cob bulled together in laid
without presence of any
handy dandy blues clues maid.



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