Upon (die) re rhea ding previous poem
All In The Name Of "Progress" zen
a glaring, leering,
and twittering left par wren

dared to a right (i.e. bribe)
corrective punctuation measure
slyly slipping Special Ops symbol ")"
for so many yen,

thus see slipped thru my excellent
proof reading, when
lo and behold consternation,
inconsideration, and perturbation

I thought to take a page
from playbook of Sylvia Plath,
and stick my head in the oven
but lo, a sardine recipe

(though a bit fishy),
could be found necessitating cauldron
only available for purchase in Turin
thus donned with a shrouded cape,

aye didst make whoosh,
hence, went there and came back
and frankly tubby earnest,
thence began stir'n

a bubbling concoction brew
though duration for perfect consistency
aye lacked any clue
thus, needed to contact

Hannibal the cannibal
asper what to do
in order (I explained)
to sever livingsocial,

and forever hang my head in shame
cuz, accidentally omitting
one right parenthesis too few
hence, esteemed flawless glory,

(sans error free grammarian
reputation pitched downward
where careless evinced
Kamikaze nosedive, where

matter of fact gross humiliation
instantaneously grew
and the only viable option
forced me to hew

admitting to egregious, fatuous, abhorent
and readily confesses
compunction viz, grievously
blatant Anglo Saxon

Horrifying transgression
involving backward curved "C" sin bent
a most execrable,
incorrigible, and unforgivable

literary faux pas incurring
major cosmic event
stripped of title special
Das Scribe double bubble "A" gent!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Upon complying never to err again
Matthew Scott Harris since
accepted plea bargain
accepting sentence resting his chin
til indelible necklaced "U" lettered grin
forever visible to kith and kin.



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