When problems arise
Like dark clouds into my skies, 
A strange kind of thrill goes over me.
Because I am a writer.
I thrive on adversity.
Rolling and tumbling fill me with words
Which come out as pearls on paper...

When my efforts go down the drain, 
And everything I do goes in vain, 
It doesn't matter anymore.
Because I am a writer.
I love to write.
And I am no longer in it for rewards.
My words are my best rewards...

When people at my work station
Tell me my performance is below their expectation, 
I just smile and shrug it off like a duck in a pond.
Because I am a writer.
I know myself and my worth much better.
One day these people and I will all be gone into thin air.
But my words will stay and echo through the whole universe...



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