The American Library Association
implores cognoscenti tubby alert
impersonators, who
call themselves Ernie and Bert

took a page from Sesame Street Playbook
oft times accompanied
by a Soundcloud of dirt,
boot none other then Pigpen,

(who worked for Peanuts),
and pay-dirt, though
dismissed, cuz he did not exert
true grit, plus more seriously scandalous

sordid details suppressed kept from press,
(which scurrilous breach of conduct
involved said scallywag
violating more than flirt

discovered in prurient compromised activity,
where his skin flute encircled,
with an ambrosia girt
transgressions possibly affected

public television station benefactors,
and sterling reputation of bottom line, nor hurt
locker talk (albeit via exaggerated mainly
to make a profit sounding proper

sanctimonious Cliff (hanging) notes,
asper faux expected by
a "FAKE" trumping prophet,
sans motley crue comic
stripped of more'n
motion picture PG ratings,

hence future lurid, graphic,
banal, ampersand
(&) dressing room banter
muted, disallowed, and banned

so storied characters birthed by Charles Shulz,
(who passed away prior to near canned
aforementioned indiscretion debacle)
returning amidst fanfare hoopla

much as possible grand
jour "Making Peanuts Great Again" hand
diddly restoring full metal paperback jacketed
glory and apple pie order land

ding rebirth of cherished popular iconic
easy to digest bookworm feed
which unexpectedly, inadvertently,
and horrifyingly

brewed ferocious breed
on par with the Alaskan Bull Worm,
whereat armed guards
strategically stationed

at libraries entrances indeed
aware voracious young readers,
would pay no heed
to any obstacle, and such unstoppable

ravishing knowledge
hungry kids did exceed
capacity security details dashed away,
faster then Clifford
the big red dog speed!



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