by cloee



This is the tale of witty love,
how each found each other’s tongue enticing
Not gentleman, a gentle woman,
not a gentlewomen, a gentle man,
but a bunch of cat and mice if you ask me
Unfortunate to tell who would swoon first,
a witty annoyance did beautiful company
Smirking eyes with consequence none could contain
Who in right mind could fall short of lover’s pain?
They were not fooling anyone, 
sir was a fool to take her comment to heart,
miss was a fool to take his words tightly
Numpty forever, the ones in deep adoration,
a constant stirring of longing and elation
Time is their friend they take no care
Each swore, each life, they’d never be tamed,
i find it hard to believe at the last sigh,
In the end neither would know how to comply
Benedick how could you admire her so?,
Beatrice oh how you picked a man from a stone
The heart is a fragile creature,
a rib for a cage and nobody dare free her
Beating there silently licking inside,
who could resist the way they pronounced 
A whisper of affection that mixed up the clouds,
it rained that night when love had come
The knocking of loud and proud smiles uncontained,
none could fathom how they felt the same,
a match made in Hades?, 
they love each other and it’s a danm tragedy


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