Urban jungle roosters,
born again scarecrow to untutored city eyes,
tawny pipit stonewall gap nest  dweller,
jet black Inca dove bereft of dovetail on a croque monsieur idle bone grub crawl,
mother hen to sandy brown and velvet bill gazer from an nearby creak, recent rural migrant now a tree house side kick.
Chickadee a late date sitter on this air flock beaky natter or tweet between the  ice float,
edgy grey day species wield their feathers like a an orthopaedic surgeon and his spatula when  scraping rancid bark off windmill
elm trees.
Gastric  bugle trenchermen ahoy  while ogling a fellow common redpoll.
Soon  enough these tummy rumble diners will zoom in on every gourmet wire mesh  feeder station.
Round and round they’ll fly on mission beetroot or some other cock-eyed scavenger‘s delight.
Are they siblings of  a different pecking  order?
White tale mountain bluebirds swopping
habitat for habit,
off key off message choirboys,
six sided snow bird chorus ear splitter
for tardy wakening.
They cheep religiously as if their only god was window squinting prayer meets.




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