Let me hear you.
I want to understand and feel.
Give me your hand, I will follow.
Show me the way to your despair.
Tell where me in hurts. I want to know.
Look at me with your tear filled eyes, let them fall.
I shall take your pain. I’ll carry that weight.
We are sisters. I am you. You are me.
I will bear the burden of the world.
You’ve travelled a long way, I know said way.
I will carry your strength as you are now tired.
Still filled with hope nevertheless.
The world can be so much that one would question the maker.
We must remember that, everything happens for a reason.
So rest, for the real journey is within.
To seek a higher purpose.
Self indulge into your being.
Find peace in the midst of the storm.
I’ve been there, where you stand.
Too strong to admit you’ve grown too weak.
Don’t be ashamed.
Be grateful that I saw in you what nobody saw in me.
Together we can make this journey and find what we both need.
Love from a higher power.



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