Maybe it is time
to look at current events
from a higher perspective.
The brutality and response
symbolize a
systemic, societal problem
that is part of our country's history.
Outstretch hands of humility
in compassion and empathy.
Offer ears and hearts 
ready to listen.
The twinge of resistance 
is buried in deep pride.
We have everything to gain
as a society rich in diverse culture.
Black lives matter,
and yes it is true,
all lives matter,
but in response to the current cry,
is unfortunately steeped in pride
and the wrong response.
The ego of privilege
is so ingrained in white lives,
we are scratching and clawing 
in resistance. This is not the solution.
The solution is listening with humility. 
Reaching out with compassion.
Offer a love that is from  Jesus.
Then we can hope to reach 
new middle ground.  



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