One, Two, Three, four, five. I decided I am writing a poem, but it started out as a paragraph. One, Two, Three, Four, Five. Five spaces to indent a paragraph. Why do I dwell on an indention? Because I’m bored. Indentions are to be subconscious, to be typed and forgotten. Poor indentions. This is a poem. This is a poem? This is written as a paragraph. This is a poem. I believe in the freedom of poetry, I love poems because they are free. You can forget the grammar, yet I add commas. Yet, I write sentences. Full sentences. Most are full sentences. I’m bored, I fail to see what must be done at this given time. I dwell on the essence of a poem or paragraph instead of writing it. Essences are meant to be subconsciously noted, then forgotten. Poor Essences. Most are not full sentences. I use grammar. I don’t follow the grammar’s rules. If this poem is a paragraph, it is a paragraph of a first grader. I am a writer, not a first grader. Agh! I dislike boredom, this is what happens when I am bored. I write a grammar/no grammar, paragraph/poem. Boredom, What is the outcome?




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