Oaths forlorn. She realized what a high pitched wailing piano had fomented- Divorce?
Strapped: the strings of affection after three fortnights of honeymoon, maybe the moon at those nights,
Had gave red lights, what signal- Danger?
What could be dangerous in matrimony? Her daughter asked- She, the seed of two years mirage between her and her spouse
She tried to brainwash the girl, saying; she was raised by a single parent, probably, she too might imbibe the doctrine of staying single while betrothed.
Music: his career, the world needs than his family does. Sweet-sounding the wedding songs were two years back.
Straight lines of vertical bond broke and the honey metamorphosed sour, I wish I was never married, she whispered into the girl's ears...
Hotkeys: notes of melodic and Harmonics, illegal dissolved, the severance was to his luxury. Then at joining; two remolded as one.
Yes, the whole cracked into fragments, fallen apart what proposed asunder was a faulty progression of straight bond, fractured.
Scenarios of palliative nuptials' undone. As vows waxed insolvent, the frontlet on her forehead, the priceless adornment of his mother, she smashed loose, No more bond.
Pianoforte: that fateful noon, the little girl walked towards the grand piano. Played, the five finger exercise, at first. Then to chords, so sophisticated beyond her knowing.
Intervals after, pitch climaxed, three keys played simultaneously, the blue moon glowed red... The man became high pitched sullen.
She- the girl had played the chord then to a plagal cadence- Amen!
Nuptials' broken, without a rift; the cord broke loose.



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