Much like having a parasite
Theres this massive hole to fill
You shovel in everything you have
Yet the hole gets deeper still

Forever it will take and take
Break your spirit, drain your soul
It will leave you depleted
All alone in the dark and cold

You rot here in your fish tank
There is no where to run
This parasite that we call HPP
It won’t stop until it’s done

Your bones will certainly quiver
And your muscles will surely ache
And you will be left with nothing
But, pain, sadness and heartbreak

You hope tomorrow is better
You just know that it has to be
But tomorrow is just another day
The same for as far as you can see

This parasite, this disease we call it
It found me, I didn’t find it
But I see the light and see the way
Yet I can’t be free from its pit

I dig my claws in, deep as I can
I climb and climb and climb
Only to slide back down defeated
All just to try it another time

This battle is long and tiresome
It bends you and breaks you
Morphs you and changes you
And you will always pay what’s due

So rest easy at the bottom
For this is what the future holds
Tomorrow is a brand new day
And I’ve never been the type that folds



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