by dpincha

The Dark Passenger

Old grudges do smolder
And i try to give you the cold shoulder
But aware of your disgraceful existence,
I push you away with persistence

The only way out is through,
My dark passenger when it comes to you
For your hideous nudges i make you pay,
No rest for the wicked, they rightly say

There are no people good or bad,
Only a wrong notion i had
People are people and just that, no doubt,
Evil, if their dark passenger is inside-out

All those sinful thoughts that to my soul you bind
Cause a storm of conflicting emotions in my mind
But,thanks to my holier-than-thou attitude,
Will bring nothing but victory, this feud

Often to you i fell prey O devil
Oblivious to my possible peril
A cruel reminder from the inner demons at work,
Saying inside me is where they lurk

Abandon you i can't
As growth means facing your overbearing chant
So stuck with you, I trudge
Try and tempt me, i wont budge

Forces we will never join,
yet remain two sides of the same coin
Think again if you think you have me cornered
I came, i saw, i conquered.



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