since you died.
I offered myself a thousand lie
I am losing my mind when I realise
was it real? should I probably cry?
no right answer could leave me satisfied

I've lost for sure, there is no reason to hide
I opened up my arms and reached up for the sky
I am choking, my words won't turn into a pray

no my words didn't reach the heavens' door
could I climb the highest mountain so I can reach out for the sky?
to open heavens' door and let my prayers go inside?
or should I pick you up and bring you back to life?

Tell me I am confused, I am so lost inside
there's no words left to say, I just can't decide
wish I could bring you back, but I can't deny
that I don't want to sacrifice the happiness you may be living on the other side.
I could just leave you to rest wherever you lay.



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