A death sentence automatically
imposed no matter wen or where
contractions signal readiness
for exodus of new life to commence.

Biological processes dictate parenthood
as due date sans occupant
housed in utero new life to
Brexit birth canal evident.

Recourse to Cesarean Section
optioned if complications arise
compromising the welfare of mother
to be jeopardizing vital signs,
sans body electric in utero.

Upon ultimate spate of agonizing
spasms forcing genetic byproduct
(incorporating mom and pop genes
from every preceding generation),
an instantaneous curse of mortality
inflicted upon sum re: offspring,

which newborn essentially an
amalgamation, conglomeration,
and elucidation, where generation
of vipers proudly extol resultant
biologic entity, which newborn
considered a deductible Fisher
Price poll tax.

Since time immemorial successful
formulaic embryonic fetal parturition
spritely balanced an offset equation.

Groupon one side of equation necessitating
like sum incorporating kickstarter mandate
for college fund.

Way before onset of inception promulgating
conception, the ramifications sans millennial
inheritable traits stockpiled within cellular
molecular library, whereby species Rolodex,

a continual update revised (and occasionally
included an accidental mutation) stitched
into the deoxyribonucleic acid protean
amino acid threads.

Interwoven amidst double helix im
press sieve chain gang included atavistic

Integration of reincarnated NONGMO
gluten free constituent microscopic
components included from countless sources.

The earth underwent recreation, reincarnation
reinvention of survivalist adaptation,
cosmopolitan and experimentation
with various and sundry modalities of form.

At no time did true ownership prevail i.e.
meaning no organism owned outright the
physical trappings encapsulating thee sensate being.

Such an abstract concept would apply to
twenty first century Homo sapiens body’s flesh.



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