Why has God stricken her with this man made disease.
She is loved but no one helps.
she is almost gone.
Like a rooster in the morning I scream for help.
No one comes .
They say “she will be better.
She doesn’t need help.
She has mild fevers.
Let’s go watch TV.

No please stay she can be fixed .
You must save her.
You have the power to fix this.
You say “ I don’t believe anything is happening”.
Why are you so clueless .
You are a pig who only wants.
You are a teenagers who is “depressed”.
You are teacher who who is illiterate .
You are a slimy, witless, arrogant creature with no remorse whatsoever .

The birds warned you.
The polar bear is gone.
The flower is losing petals.
The trees are falling.
She is crying.
Floods are forming .
Family are screaming in agony.
Children failed to hope for a future.
All is lost.

She is gone.
All thanks to you.



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