And when one faculty is developed,
what happens to the rest? Do they whither
and crack like dry hay, turn into tumble-
weeds, quietly roll in the wind, cross paths
with ghosts of cowboys killed in shoot-outs or
accidentally hit in militant
merrymaking, when random folk shoot their
guns in the air as if bullets don’t fall
fast and fatally upon reveling
heads? Do they turn sour like pansit, left
too long out on the buffet table, then
taken to work the next day, egg noodles
mushy and stinky with yesterday’s un-
fulfilled wish?
          Or do they simply take off?



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Faculty development is an important part of an educator's professional life. However, for some who are not fully-employed, teaching six or seven classes in three different colleges or universitites just to make ends meet, attending conferences and workshops for faculty development becomes a privilege only a few can afford to undertake.

Lani T. Montreal

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