In the presence of the demise of my heart. All of what I used to feel suddenly don't feel so real.
Being sold dreams out the back of a Porsche. I'm looking sideways because this don't seem real.
I keep my nose clean now for the sake of being seen as weak when it all falls down.
When it all falls down, yeah I remember that song. I told you my heart. I told you.
Everyday I think of you in many ways.
I get it, get it, I get it.
But isn't there still some type of connection?
I'm too proud to say you hurt me because you can't hurt what's not in your possession
I believe in his words but his actions say the opposite so I'm doing the opposite of trusting
I laid down with you. Gave you me. Me.
It's okay, I'm just young right?
Even now I know when my heart is giving up.....



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